Do you guys want me to make a witchy playlist? yes or no?

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Love by Agent Provocateur

Michael Carson
My mom got chocolate from New Orleans delivered to me in NY. ❤️😍
Q: what are u going to be for halloween?

drunk, hopefully. 

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@ me next time kink shamer

countingmyfeathers please countingmyfeathers get countingmyfeathers back countingmyfeathers in countingmyfeathers your lane countingmyfeathers

my lane is every lane. I’m queen of this highway. 

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boogeois replied to your post:i was reading a very het erotica short story and…

maybe they have a food kink sidebar: food kinks are so weird and gross 
nah like they didn’t go into detail about the peas explicitly, it was just meant to hurt (which is totally does) but still, that is some grandma type punishment. 
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selfie time

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